DreamSpark (MSDN AA)

Microsoft DreamSpark (formerly MDSN Academic Alliance) is designed for all departments of universities that offer courses related to computer science, providing access to the latest Microsoft products to be used for educational or research purposes. Within the DreamSpark, students and employees of the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy of Poznań University of Economics and Business have free access to the latest software: Windows 7/8/10, Windows 2008/2012 Server, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Project and Visio.

Ways to register students and employees of the Faculty is described in the following pages. Before registering, please read the information below.

Detailed information

Students from other departments

For the subsription of DreamSpark on other PUEB faculties, please contact the relevant people - DIS manages the program only for the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy.

Relevant information can be found on the University's website at: http://ue.poznan.pl/en/zycie-studenckie,c24/parlament-studencki-uep,c266...

MS Office

DreamSpark program, unfortunately, does not cover the whole Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

In the case of licenses...

The license provides that the software can be used even after graduation. However, there is no longer the possibility to download and install new programs. The software can be used only for educational, non-commercial use.

To register

The e-mails in HTML and with confirmation of reading will be discarded. Verification of the data and an account is performed within 14 working days from receipt of the notification. After creating an account, the system automatically sends an e-mail with the login (note the spam filters) to the address from which the notification was sent. When you first log into the portal, we strongly recommend to change your password.


In case, that after 14 days of sending the application, you will not receive the answer, it may mean that one of the e-mails (student to us or to our student) was filtered by anti-spam systems. You should try to log on with your name (first uppercase letters, with a space, Polish letters without tails) as login, and your e-mail as a password, which was used for the registration. When this does not work, you can assert your rights in the room 3.9 CEUE.


To obtain a login and password, please send an e-mail to msdn [at] kie [dot] ue [dot] poznan [dot] pl with the following data:
Students: name, year of study and degree, index number
Employees: name, position, department

University employees are asked to send registration e-mails from university addresses (this is a necessary element of authentication to create your account). Students, please send letters from e-mail addresses, which are given as their addresses on the Moodle. To determine which is the address, after logging into Moodle click on your name in the upper right corner and click on the "modify profile".

Software download

Software download is done through the portal available at:


Downloading the software for the first time takes place in several stages. When you log in to your account and choose the software, you need to download the installer program (Secure Download Manager), which allows you to launch a file with the extension SDX performing the download of the selected application, operating system, etc. In order to install the software downloaded as a disc image (.ISO) you need to either burn it to a CD-R or DVD +/- R or use the emulator drives.

Ordered software and / or product keys are available on DreamSpark only for 24 months from the date of the order, so be sure they are saved in order to be able to take advantage of them at the end of the said period.

The number of orders each of the products available on DreamSpark is limited to one time.