• Service Science - represents an innovation initiative in service science and addresses current and future challenges of the service sector. It fosters collaboration, co-innovation and exchange on the basis of in-depth domain knowledge provided by service companies, future technologies provided by leading software vendors and solution providers and solid research competencies provided by renowned researchers from participating academic partners.(Academic Partners: Poznań University of Economics, University of Leipzig, University of St. Gallen, Industry Partners – Software AG)
  • Enterprise and Service Platforms - is an initiative devoted to students interested in software
    products and solutions supporting enterprises as well as small and medium companies(Industry Partners: SAP, Epicor Pl, IT Integro).
  • Next Generation Internet Lab - zakłada możliwość zdobycia wiedzy i umiejętności praktycznych z zakresu tworzenia rozwiązań na urządzenia mobilne, w tym platformę iOS, (partnerzy przemysłowi: Orange Labs, TP)