Next Generation Internet Lab

Supervisor: dr Agata Filipowska

The Next Generation Internet Lab, opened officially on 28th of May 2012, is organised in cooperation with Orange Labs. The purpose of the laboratory is to enable students of the Poznan University of Economics, acquire knowledge and practical skills in creating solutions for mobile devices, including the iOS platform, through participation in courses, seminars and many other activities (competitions, apprenticeships, case studies). Planned activities include the following:

  • Apprenticeships in the area of mobile technologies, in particular aimed at getting the results that may be subject to commercialization (supported by Orange). The apprenticeships commence in June 2012.
  • Presentations and training conducted by experts from Orange Labs, for example, on the design of games for mobile devices.
  • Inclusion of new content to courses: Mobile Information Systems, Design of Information Systems and Computer Science. Adjustment of course programs to market requirements, including the integration of real-life examples.
  • Preparation of courses on mobile technology, enabling the study of practical examples (including analysis of business opportunities for the commercialization).
  • Implementation of master's and bachelor theses in the area of mobility to solve important business problems and which may be subsequently subject to commercialization in collaboration and with support from Orange.
  • National competition for applications ideas.