Semantic Business Process Management (tutorial series)

The tutorials organised under a common name explained and demonstrated how the combination of Business Process Management (BPM) and Semantic Web Services (SWS) can eliminate the deficiencies that current BPM technology exhibits. The tutorials presented the state of the art in both areas (business process management and process execution, the SOA concept in BPM, the SWS approach and frameworks, etc.), motivated the need for explicit use of semantics to overcome the current challenges in BPM, and presented a consolidated technical framework that integrates SWS into BPM technology. The tutorial was held in cooperation with partners actively working on integration of both technologies in the EU-funded SUPER project. The tutorial was held i.e. at ICIW 2007, ESTC 2007, ESWC 2007, AIMS 2007, ISWC 2007, BPM 2007, OASIS Symposium 2008.