Prof. dr hab. Witold Abramowicz, prof. zw. UE

PhD and master seminar "Business Information Systems"

The subject of the seminar is mainly connects with currently realized at DIS research projects (including EU and Polish Government funded projects) and concentrates on:

  • Information Retrieval and Filtering,
  • Data, Information and Content Integration for Deep and Surface Web sources,
  • Identity management for individuals and communities,
  • Semantic Web Services,
  • Ontological knowledge representation.

dr hab. Grzegorz Bartoszewicz

Master and bachelor seminar: "Integrated management information systems – analysis, design, deployment"

The subject of the seminar is connected with usage of information technologies for enterprise management support and concentrates on:

  • Integrated management information systems (SOA and client-server architecture, fields of application),
  • Integrated Systems MRPII, ERP, ERPII,
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM systems),
  • Supply Chain Management Systems(SCM systems),
  • Design and Deployment Methodologies for IMIS,
  • Business Intelligence Systems,
  • Modeling and analysis of IMIS users informational needs,
  • Business Process Management in Enterprises (BPR, BPM, Cloud Computing),
  • Usage of CASE tools and standard notations for IMIS deployment support (ARIS, eEPC, UML, BPMN).

dr Agata Filipowska

Bachelor seminar: "Information systems for enterprises"

The subject of the seminar concentrates on:

  • enterprise information needs analysis and modelling
  • personalization in information systems
  • user profiling in information systems
  • sources and technologies of data acquisition for enterprises
  • information systems deployment

dr Krzysztof Węcel

Bachelor seminar: "Semantic technologies"

The subject of the seminar concentrates on:

  • Semantic Web,
  • Web 2.0 in management support,
  • Semantic business process management,
  • Change management(in project, knowledge and information management),
  • Knowledge acquisition and modeling,
  • Ontology engineering, learning, integration and evolution.