Time-determined ontology based information system for real time stock market analysis

TOWL - Time-determined Ontology based information system for real time stock market analysis. The objective of this 6 Framework Programme financed project is to develop methods and prototype system reasoning about stock price changes based on information extracted from textual news feeds for finance domain. The news available to investors are one of the main determinants of their behavior and predictions of market evolution. Therefore the interpretation of semantics of news may facilitate analysis and prediction of market situation.

The project aims at expanding current state-of-the-art ontology languages (OWL, RDF-S, RDF) by adding time dimension to enable real-time, context aware information analysis. During the course of the project the semantic stock broker system will be developed based on time determined ontology of witch the actual state depends on textual news messages and numerical market information. The system will interpret these messages and adapt the ontology to better match the real world as described in the news.

The potential impact of the demonstration application in the stock exchange domain results from improved ROI by using an effective knowledge system support.

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