Best Practice Expert (BPX)

Niemiecka firma "Zeiss", której siedziba mieścia się w Oberkochen, oferuje półroczne praktyki dla zagranicznych studentów. Szczegóły:

Purpose of the internship

The BPX team is responsible for supporting our subsidiary (foreign Sales and Service Organizations) business process owners and key users during the CRE implementation project and post-implementation in their continuous improvement efforts. This support will be manifold: Walkthrough of new CRE business processes, conduct fit-/gap analysis workshops, identify and solve local deviations from new CRE business practice, process and CRM training of key users, validation of end-to-end business processes based on CRE elements (excellence guidebooks, policies, metrics, CRM system, methods and tools, etc.)
The internship of 6 months would be to provide support to the BPX team in this area (creating of training materials, preparing for training sessions and workshops, participate in selected events) as well as learning the Zeiss Excellence processes and SAP-CRM system functionalities. The successful intern would, at the end of this time, be able to work in this capacity and fulfill the entry-level tasks of this role. By outstanding performance, assessments would be made to consider further engagement.

Required skill set for BPX


  • Master’s degree in a Natural Science (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology) or Business Administration or Business Engineering or Business IT

Specific Knowledge:

  • Understanding of sales/service processes and sales/service organizations
  • Profound knowledge of process design and change management in sales and service
  • In depth application knowledge of SAP products (especially CRM, BW) and master data structures
  • Know-how to translate business process designs into operational business practice, training experience
  • Familiarity with the Carl Zeiss organization and thorough understanding of the different Zeiss’ businesses

Specific skills:

  • Fluent in German and English languages
  • Strong communication and training skills
  • Ability to work independently and in teams
  • Moderator skills for workshop and meeting moderation
  • Strong intercultural competence, preferable international experience
  • IT system affinity

Main tasks

For the purpose of this document CR Excellence elements are defined as the sum of

  • Guidebooks with processes and policies
  • Toolboxes with work tools (instructions, checklists, templates)
  • Customer centric performance indicators
  • IT systems (especially SAP-CRM)


  • Planning of project related work within the boundaries of agreed timelines and tollgates
  • Review of implementation project plans based on project benchmarks and previous own experience

CRM Solution implementation

  • During fit-gap analysis and change implementation phase of an implementation (rollout) project applies new process standards and analyzes need of local adaptations.
  • Supports the subsidiary project team (process owners and key users) in adopting the CRE practices.
  • Recommends alternate business solutions and / or process enhancements to ensure sales/service CRM environment meets end-users needs
  • Provides support for CRM application to the subsidiary key user to enable them in their new role:
    • Identifies specific business workflows requiring support of CRM, facilitates definition of local workarounds
    • Collects information to prioritize new requirements and change requests on the CRM
    • Supports key users to raise change request
  • Analysis and routing of technical issues with IT system setup, master data quality, process integration to the IT application support and other responsible parties in the Carl Zeiss organization

CRM solution design

  • Feeds back practice experiences to the design team in order to improve existing CRM capabilities or develop new ones
  • Supports Business Process Analysts in the assessment of subsidiary business requirements and decision making on enhancements of standards
  • Continuously gives feedback on usability and proficiency of subsidiary users in order to identify improvements

Management of change

  • Supports adoption of changes by subsidiary teams
  • Provides clear guidance and clear instructions based on excellence guidebooks and policies

Training and coaching

  • Provides trainings material to the subsidiary team
  • Trains process owners and key users in new process application and CRM functionality
  • Continuously coaches and supports key users during the rollout project phases

Reporting and Communication

  • Helps local business owners to set up or to adopt their subsidiary reporting tools and views.
  • Continuously communicates back and forth between subsidiary business community and Business Process Analyst teams in order to provide adequate advice and to drive business decisions.

What we offer

Our international team, based at the ZEISS corporate headquarters, is responsible for the implementation of this key strategic initiative. The successful candidates will work in this environment, be given interesting and challenging tasks and allowed to present themselves and their results accordingly. We give regular and useful feedback for improving work skills. We are looking for high-energy individuals who are able to assimilate new information quickly, bring new ideas and add value. The organization is set up according to merit – performance is our currency. English is the primary working language.

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