The Distance Learning Platform

The D-Leap research Project, carried out at the Department of Management Information Systems, focuses on creating goal oriented e-learning management system. The system incorporates e-marketplace technology in order to serve as a knowledge e-marketplace for dispersed buyers and sellers. We put forward a solution for integrating business mechanisms (such as supply and demand analyses), telemetric, document management, skill management and e-learning tools. The prototype solution utilizes state-of-the-art web portal technology and digital assets management system to provide consistent, common platform for system users to work, communicate, and share knowledge. It is currently used as a document repository for all electronic materials used in didactic processes, a platform supporting creation of research papers, and a tool used in day-to-day teaching. Both system components (that are implemented as web services) and data structures support collaboration between the users. The platform is aimed at sharing knowledge regardless of the topic this knowledge concerns. The system is also a test platform for implementing topic maps and skill maps for knowledge management purposes. These are designed to reflect on the one side users’ skills and demand for knowledge and on the other – system competences. The amalgam of the two increases effectiveness of learning.