enhanced Information Retrieval and Filtering for Analytical Systems

Today successful competing on the market requires better handling of external and internal information in companies and local governments. Their managers demand tools that could gather, process and store information and knowledge management information systems (MIS).

Our key competence is information filtering for MIS. The information filtering system is an access service that stands between information source and information consumer, providing a personalized view on the information space. Contemporary information retrieval and filtering (iRaF) systems lack the appropriate representation of user information needs and information itself. This has motivated us to undertake a project that would enhance our iRaF key competencies and also improve iRaF system in order to better satisfy user needs. Our innovative concept is to join the achievements in information filtering, knowledge representation and decision support systems. Semantic Web technologies and especially the use of ontologies, are expected to enable a much higher degree of automation in performing operations pertaining to the searching and extracting information.

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