eXtraSpec is a research project realized by DIS. The goal of this project is to create a solution that analize internal documents of the organization and external Web sources in order to find an expert from the specific domain or who has specific competencies.

Project eXtraSpec is an innovative solution that identyfies problems from HR domain. Project result might be used in a wide spectrum of organizations where appeared a need to find an expert with a particular skills. Our solution can be use in public institution as well as in enterprises. It is possible to search experts among employees (e.g. while composing a team for internal project) or while looking for a potential candidates. Project results will contribute to decreasing information asymmetry at labor-market and partially converting tacit knowledge into explicit and widely used knowlegde.

Main goals of the project:

  • C1. Development of stardard for describing skills and professional experience of the expert.
  • C2. Model and implementation of knowledge base about experts, based on the information from specific sources from Polish Web.
  • C3. Implementation of tool that enables to search knowledge base and navigate on results.

Project eXtraSpec is financed under the Operational Program Innovative Economy and partially supported by European Union’s European Regional Development Fund programme.

External project website: