Integration Platform

The “Integration Platform, as a methodology to create solutions for local government institutions” project conducted under a grant of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is another initiative of the Department of Information Systems, which concerns the problem of solutions enabling device integration and sharing of the resources needed to provide selected electronic services. In this study DIS aim to solve the problems of integration of information systems through the use of open technology facilitating device interoperability presence at different levels.

One of the expected results of the project is the concept of integration platform. On its basis the creation of methodology to produce services for local government and IT institutions is planned. Currently there are determinants of technical and organizational nature that make the rendering of electronic services by the local government units difficult. A variety of systems built on different technologies do not collaborate with one another, and their integration with one another bear the costs often comparable to the implementation of completely new project. The projected platform is designed using open standards in order to ensure the widest possible access and the greatest possibilities of integrating current systems architecture.

In order to demonstrate feasibility of the concept, the platform will be initially deployed for the test purposes only. Then, on the basis of platform integration will be developed methodology to create services for local government units. The methodology will show how the platform can be effectively used. The long term performance of the project will be measured by significant reduction in the effort needed to create the information society services.