mobileIF – mobile Information Filtering

mobileIF is a project conducted at the Department of Management Information Systems of The Poznan University of Economics. It aims at introducing new methods of acquiring, organizing, processing, sharing and using the information from various sources and disseminating it to users. The main objective of the application is to enable access to knowledge anytime, anywhere, and anyplace depending on the current user’s context. In other words, such information must be cognitive, time, contact, location and economic relevant. It needs to take into account present user’s tasks at hand and processes he or she is involved in. With ontology support, system is able to provide logical relationships between external web sources and domain knowledge repository. Furthermore, mobileIF employs ontology in user customization process. System reflects all important information regarding to user’s business and social activities and interests. From our point of view, these will allow to better reflect user information needs, support profiling, filtering, and retrieval processes. In addition, mobileIF utilizes web services in broad range to establish communication between mobile devices, system components, and internal or external data sources. Web services architecture enables third parties to access to mobileIF, as well. Thanks to the use of web services, mobileIF is virtually platform-independent. These should increase communication among organizations and individuals, provide value-added services, support new work methods for businesses, e-learning, collaborative environments and improve customer relationships and business activity