The objective of the SIMMO II project is the deployment of state-of-the-art data science methods and Big Data technologies in order to provide a dynamic, comprehensive, and enhanced maritime picture. Using the new approach the system will be able to perform faster intelligence analysis based on vast amount of heterogeneous maritime data. The aim will be to assure real-time situation analysis on the global scale and for various ship types.

The novelty of the SIMMO II system will result primarily from the ability to perform new types of data analytics. Such analyses have not yet been possible in the maritime scenarios, due to lack of technologies allowing to process huge amount of heterogeneous data in real-time. After implementation of the new system architecture (encompassing e.g. distributed and in-memory data processing and storage systems, cloud solutions), algorithms and methods for data analysis to detect anomalies, uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and trends will be developed and implemented.
The detailed goals include:

  • To design and develop a new architecture for the SIMMO II system, based on Big Data technologies, allowing to perform fusion, processing and analysis of heterogeneous maritime data.
  • To include additional data sources, apart from AIS and open Internet sources used in the SIMMO project.
  • To provide the enhanced methods for collecting, storing and analysing vast amount of heterogeneous information coming from different sources, by using the new system’s architecture.
  • To develop, implement and test novel methods for fast analysis of maritime-related data. The methods will allow to detect new types of threats and irregularities based on analysis performed and utilization of state-of-the-art data mining and machine learning techniques.

The SIMMO II project is a continuation of the SIMMO project, which was realized by PUEB in 2014-2016, and is conducted by consortium consisting of 2 partners:

  • Poznan University of Economics (Project Leader)
  • LuxSpace Sarl, Luxembourg

The project is funded by the Polish and Luxembourg Ministries of Defence as the Cat B Project of the European Defence Agency.