The goal of this project is to build an integrated leading Euro-Asian high education and research community in the field of the Semantic Web, the next generation of the Web. Direct target groups are: graduate students, faculty staff and enterprises management personnel. Indirect target groups are: European and Asian students, researchers and enterprises personnel at large. We plan to operate on the following three main actions:

  1. Human resources development: joint teaching and supervision of master and doctorate students; integration and collaboration among senior and young faculty; training the next generation of IT educators as well as of IT enterprises management.
  2. Distance Learning and Knowledge Management platform: to support current and future activities also after the end of the project.
  3. Networking: we will foster the interaction among universities and companies in Europe and Asia in the field of Semantic Web.

The European partners (Italy, Austria, Ireland, Poland) are leading institutes in the Semantic Web. The Asian partners (India, Thailand, China, and the associate partner Hong Kong) are among the best performance institutions in Asia. The duration of the project is 36 months.

External project website: