Filtering Web Services

Project is carried out at the Department of Management Information Systems of The Poznan University of Economics. The main aim of the project is to build Web services filtering system. Web services technology is changing the Internet and way the business is done today. Dealing with Web services is mostly manual process, the web services environment is not machine friendly. The Web services description, provided today by WSDL documents or UDDI repository, is not good enough and that is why automatic searching, comparing, filtering or configuration is simply impossible. Moreover it does not allow us in many cases to do it manually either. The goal of system F-WebS is to make it possible. The client of our system can be for example complex application, that consists of one or more components, which are Web services. These components are the best available (according to the user needs) at the moment. However, Web services market isn’ t static and new Web services still emerge. The goal of application is to consist of the best available components so it has to replace old Web services to new, better ones, once they are found by our system. The main advantages: the application (the client of our filtering Web service) is always up-to-date, process is done automatically, improved Web service description.