Habilitation promotion at University of Potsdam

On 22 April 2022, Dr. habil. Krzysztof Węcel, prof. PUEB received his habilitation promotion at the University of Potsdam during the graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The postdoctoral colloquium took place on May 12, 2020, however, due to epidemiological constraints the organization of the graduation ceremony could only take place now. The ceremony was attended by 144 graduates, but it is worth noting that only one habilitation was conferred during this two-year period.

Dr. habil. Krzysztof Węcel also met with Prof. Norbert Gronau, professor and chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems, with whom he discussed ongoing projects and common research areas. He also had the opportunity to visit the unique Industry 4.0 Centre developed by Prof. Gronau’s team, which combines automation, logistics, robotics, as well as application systems for use in future “learning” factories.