MSc Piotr Kałużny presentation at the international conference BigSurv18

On the 25-17th October 2018 our PhD Candidate MSc Piotr Kałużny participated in international conference BigSurv18 – „Big Data meets Survey Science”, organized by the European Survey Research Association (ESRA). Conference was held in Expertise Center in Survey Methodology (RECSM) in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. His participation in the conference was possible due winning the “travel award” stipend, which we warmy congratulate. The prize has been awarded based on the scientific CV assesement and previous positive review of the article.

The conference gathered scientists from over 40 countries, including the representatives of biggest institutions connected with official statistics and companies such as: RTI International, Facebook or Google. During the conference our PhD candidate, along with PhD Maciej Beręsewicz presented an article entitled “Using Call Detail Records to Conduct a Commuting Survey in Poland”, prepared with PhD Agata Filipowska. The conference, beyond giving the opportunity to meet scientists from all over the world, also offered workshops. Our PhD candidate was also able to participate in the workshop connected with natural language processing in R (“Introduction to Computational Text Analysis”).
The conference was the first one with this exact theme, but it’s history comes from multiple conferences organized previously by ESRA. This year topic was unique, as it consisted of researchers connected with 2 areas: Big Data/Data Science and Survery Science. Very interesting Keynote lectures were given by: Julia Lane (Professor, Wagner School of Public Policy at New York University; Center for Urban Science and Progress; Provostial Fellow) and Tom Smitha (Managing Director, Data Science Campus of the Office for National Statistics, UK).

BigSurv18 website:

One of the rooms during the BigSurv18 conference (all rooms were full of participants)

Participants of the BigSurv18 conference after the inaugural lectures

Confirmation of receiving the “Travel Award”

Certificate of participation in the “Computational Text Analysis” workshop