Speech at the FedCSIS 2022 conference

During the FedCSIS 2022 conference (17th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems), the results of scientific research of our team on the reliability assessment of the information sources about companies in different languages of Wikipedia were presented. This year’s edition of the FedCSIS conference was organized in Sofia (Bulgaria) in a hybrid mode.

Currently, Wikipedia has near 60 million articles in over 300 language versions. During the presentation Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski showed methods for identification of Wikipedia articles about companies using semantic knowledge bases (DBpedia and Wikidata). Sources of information were identified in these articles for later reliability assessment. The results showed that depending on the Wikipedia language version the list of the most reliable sources changes frequently. Moreover, the research shows the differences between the assessments of the same sources in different language versions.

The information source scoring models presented in the paper “Identifying reliable sources of information about companies in multilingual Wikipedia” can help not only Wikipedia volunteer editors choose websites that can provide valuable information about companies, but can also help other internet users to find valuable sources of information on the topic using open data from Wikipedia, DBpedia and Wikidata.

FedCSIS conference website: fedcsis.org

Source of the illustration: commons.wikimedia.org