The most cited scientific information sources in Wikipedia articles across various languages

The latest issue of the journal “Biblioteka” published an article on the analysis of citations to scientific works in Wikipedia. The analysis covered 332 million references in 61 million Wikipedia articles in 309 language versions. In order to standardize the metadata of important sources of information on multilingual Wikipedia, data from the OpenAlex, an open catalog of authors and scientific publications, were additionally used. The results of scientific research were … Read More

Automatic quality assessment of articles in multilingual Wikipedia and identification of its important information sources on various topics

An open scientific seminar of the Institute of Informatics and Quantitative Economics on automatic quality assessment of articles in multilingual Wikipedia and identification of important sources of its information on various topics was held at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. During the seminar, Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski discussed the methods and tools used to analyze and evaluate content in a popular multilingual encyclopedia and ways of identifying and assessing … Read More

Quantifying Americanization in different language versions of Wikipedia

Scientific article entitled “Quantifying Americanization: Coverage of American Topics in Different Wikipedias” was published in the Social Science Computer Review journal. The work is the first global, quantitative confirmation of issues often raised or assumed in the literature on Americanization and related phenomena.

ACADEMIA: Information Quality on Wikipedia

The latest issue of the ACADEMIA magazine published an article on the automation of the content quality assessment process in multilingual Wikipedia. The work briefly presents the advantages and disadvantages of the open nature of this encyclopedia, differences in the quality assessment systems and distinctions for Wikipedia articles between language versions, and issues related to the assessment of the reliability of information sources.

Scientific sources of information in Wikipedia articles across various topics and languages

The results of scientific research of employees of our Department were published in the journal “Procedia Computer Science” by Elsevier on the ScienceDirect website. As part of the work, hundreds of millions of references in Wikipedia articles from various language versions were analyzed to identify scientific sources of information. Additionally, Wikipedia articles have been divided into various topics using information from Wikipedia projects and based on semantic knowledge bases – … Read More

From science to practice: identifying important sources of information on Wikipedia

Wikipedia, being a widely available source of information in the digital era, attaches great importance to the verifiability of its content, which is fundamental to its credibility and trust. The platform’s verifiability rules require that all information, especially controversial or controversial information, be supported by credible, published sources. This ensures that the content in Wikipedia articles is not based on personal opinion or original research. However, the subjective nature of … Read More

Guinness World Record for the longest time editing Wikipedia

The Polish Wikipedia community enthusiastically celebrated the website’s 22nd anniversary by taking on an extraordinary challenge – breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest joint editing of Wikipedia. The ambitious goal was achieved on September 26-30, 2023 – uninterrupted Wikipedia editing for 100 hours. The event was organized by the Wikimedia Polska and aimed not only to set a new record, but also to promote Polish Heritage.

Colloquium at Tufts University

The beginning of the academic year in the United States coincided with a speech by Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski at Tufts University. The colloquium discussed issues related to the use of artificial intelligence and large open data sets to automate the process of assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles and its information sources in various language versions.

Speech at the KES 2023 conference

During the international conference KES 2023 (27th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems), research results on the use of scientific information sources in multilingual Wikipedia on various topics were presented. This year’s edition of the KES conference was organized in Athens (Greece) on September 6-8 in a hybrid mode.

Companies in Multilingual Wikipedia: Articles Quality and Important Sources of Information

The scientific work of members of our Department was published in the monograph “Information Technology for Management: Approaches to Improving Business and Society” published by the Springer. The research concerns the automatic assessment of the quality of Wikipedia articles and the reliability of sources of information about companies in different languages.