Workshops on fake news during the Poznań Science and Art Festival

As part of the 27th Poznań Festival of Science and Art, workshops on fake news detection were held. During the event, participants had the opportunity to learn how to distinguish fake news from real information and what tools they can use to verify content on social media.

During this event, Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski and Aleksandra Wojewoda presented techniques and methods that can be used to detect fake news. Participants had the opportunity to test their knowledge of information verification on specific examples. Additionally, during the workshop, participants had the opportunity to go through the entire process of creating messages that may seem real at first glance, but were in fact made up.

The Department of Information Systems is currently implementing the OpenFact project, which is carried out in cooperation with technological and substantive partners, including: Google, Facebook, Bright Data, Harvard University, as well as leading fact-checking organizations in Poland. During the evaluation of the first phase of the INFOSTRATEG program of the National Center for Research and Development, in the field of fake news detection using artificial intelligence, the OpenFact project received the highest number of points.

Poznań Festival of Science and Art – an event of a scientific and artistic nature, which aims to promote knowledge among the inhabitants of Poznań, nearby regions and visitors from other parts of Poland. As part of the 27th edition of the Festival, classes at the Poznań University of Economics and Business took place on April 19. Event website: