Researchers’ Night 2018

28th September 2018, scientists from our department: Dr. Bartosz Perkowski and Piotr Kałużny, MSc., as an every year tradition, have organized classes during the “Researchers’ Night”. This time the topic of their lectures however was different, because it was oriented on a very serious topic “How Artificial Intelligence works” and was very popular among the participants. There was a multitude of questions to our scientists about the prepared topic, which … Read More

Researchers’ Night 2017

As a part of the Researchers’ Night, which took place on September 29, 2017, scientists from the Department of Information Systems organized workshops “WHAT DO YOU THINK? GUIDE FOR SMALL PROGRAMMERS “(MSc. Piotr Kałużny, Dr. Bartosz Perkowski) for children aged 8 to 12 and “WHAT DO YOU THINK? INTERNET WITHOUT SECRETS” (Dr. Agnieszka Figiel, MSc. Agata Szyszko, MSc. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski) for people over 15 years old. Researchers’ Night is an … Read More

Piotr Jankowiak, Piotr Kałużny i Dr. Bartosz Perkowski participated in NetMob 2017 conference

Between 5th and 7th April two second year students of master studies with specialization in Information Systems at the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy: Piotr Jankowiak and Piotr Kałużny had the opportunity to attend an international scientific conference in Milan. Together with Dr. Bartosz Perkowski from the Department of Information Systems, they took part in this year’s edition of NetMob. NetMob is the biggest in the world scientific conference … Read More

TIAPISZ 2011 conference

Jakub Dzikowski and Bartosz Perkowski participated in the TIAPISZ2011 (Technologie Informacyjne w Administracji i Służbie Zdrowia). The conference took place on December 8 in Warsaw, Poland. During the conference, they presented papers: “Architektura systemu wykrywania zagrożeń w cyberprzestrzeni” written by: Tomasz Kaczmarek and Jakub Dzikowski, and “Ewolucja modeli danych na przykładzie aktualizacji profili zagrożeń w systemie Semantyczny Monitoring Cyberprzestrzeni” written by: Piotr Stolarski, Krzysztof Węcel, Bartosz Perkowski, Agata Filipowska, Witold … Read More

JURIX 2011 conference

Bartosz Perkowski participated in the JURIX2011 conference (Legal Knowledge and Information Systems). The conference took place on December 14-16 in Vienna, Austria. During the conference, he presented paper “System for Detection of Illegal Drugs E-Trading” written by DIS members: Witold Abramowicz, Piotr Stolarski, Agata Filipowska, Bartosz Perkowski and Krzysztof Węcel.