Data analysis and visualization using Business Intelligence tools

In today’s rapidly changing data-driven economy, understanding modern analytical tools and the ability to adapt to innovative technologies such as GenAI is crucial to developing competitive competencies, achieving market advantage and providing important decision-making information across industries. The open lecture led by Ihor Muzyka, Head of Analytics at the Żabka Group, was an opportunity to learn more about how the choice of role and position affects the development of a … Read More

Workshops on generative artificial intelligence with experts from Microsoft and Żabka Group

Representatives of SRG Data Science took part in the “AI School” workshops for students, organized by Microsoft and Żabka Group. This meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of generative artificial intelligence. The classes consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical.

Conversation with Żabka Group experts about a career in data science

In today’s world, data science has become a key element driving innovation in almost every industry. In light of this dynamically developing area, a certain set of skills and knowledge is emerging as essential for those who want to shape the future with data. In addition to knowledge of programming languages and data analysis tools, it is equally important to understand and use advanced statistical methods and machine learning. During … Read More