The Impact of Crises on Maritime Traffic: A Case Study of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the War in Ukraine

The article by employees of our Department was published in the journal “Networks and Spatial Economics” by Springer. The work analyzes the impact of international crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, on maritime traffic and their consequences for the global and local economy.

Scientific sources of information in Wikipedia articles across various topics and languages

The results of scientific research of employees of our Department were published in the journal “Procedia Computer Science” by Elsevier on the ScienceDirect website. As part of the work, hundreds of millions of references in Wikipedia articles from various language versions were analyzed to identify scientific sources of information. Additionally, Wikipedia articles have been divided into various topics using information from Wikipedia projects and based on semantic knowledge bases – … Read More

Doctoral promotion of Dominik Filipiak

During the ceremonial doctoral and habilitation promotion at the Poznań University of Economics and Business, Dr. Dominik Filipiak received a Ph.D. diploma in economics. His doctoral thesis entitled “Exploring features of paintings for modelling preferences of buyers on the Polish art market” was defended with distinction on October 17, 2022. Thesis supervisor: Prof. Witold Abramowicz, auxiliary supervisor: Prof. Agata Filipowska.

Awards in the 26th Competition for the Best Diploma Theses in the field of Business Informatics

During the 10th International Scientific Conference “Knowledge and Information Technologies in Creating Entrepreneurship” and the 5th Congress of Business Informatics, prizes were awarded in the 26th edition of the of the Scientific Society of Business Informatics (Polish abbr. “NTIE”) for the best diploma theses in the field of business informatics defended in 2022. The works written under the supervision of scientists from the Department of Information Systems at the Poznań … Read More

Assessing the quality of student essays written by ChatGPT

The 10th International Scientific Conference “Knowledge and Information Technologies in Creating Entrepreneurship” and the 5th Congress of Business Informatics were held on October 5-6, 2023. During this event, representatives of our Department presented research results on assessing the quality of student essays written by ChatGPT. This year’s edition of the conference and congress was held in a hybrid mode (onsite in Olsztyn near Częstochowa and remotely). The organizers of these … Read More

Generative Artificial Intelligence: the end or the beginning of better student creativity?

During the Didactic Conference at the Poznań University of Economics and Business, employees of the Department of Information Systems presented research results on the possibilities and limitations of generating texts using tools based on generative artificial intelligence, analyzing both the advantages and potential threats. The research was conducted based on the analysis of texts generated by ChatGPT as part of student essays.

Artificial intelligence in fake news campaigns: experiments with ChatGPT

The scientific work of members of our Department was published in the Economics and Business Review journal. The article “Artificial intelligence – friend or foe in fake news campaigns” focuses on analyzing the impact of large language models (LLM) on the phenomenon of fake news. On the one hand decent text‐generation capabilities can be misused for mass fake news production. On the other, LLMs trained on huge volumes of text … Read More

First place in the international competition CLEF-2023 CheckThat! Lab

The OpenFact project team took part in the CheckThat! organized as part of the international conference CLEF 2023 (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum). The method proposed by our scientists took first place. This method detects English sentences that need to be reviewed because of potential misleading and therefore are worth fact-checking.

Companies in Multilingual Wikipedia: Articles Quality and Important Sources of Information

The scientific work of members of our Department was published in the monograph “Information Technology for Management: Approaches to Improving Business and Society” published by the Springer. The research concerns the automatic assessment of the quality of Wikipedia articles and the reliability of sources of information about companies in different languages.

The highest score for the OpenFact project

The OpenFact project is run by the team of our Department in cooperation with technological and substantive partners, including: Google, Facebook, Bright Data, Harvard University, as well as leading fact-checking organizations in Poland. During the evaluation of the first phase of the INFOSTRATEG program of the National Center for Research and Development, in the field of fake news detection using artificial intelligence, the OpenFact project received the highest number of … Read More