Supporting the fact-checking process in combating fake news

During the 9th of the National Scientific Conference “Knowledge and information technologies in creating entrepreneurship” (WiTIwKP), representatives of our Department presented the SocialScan tool supporting the verification of credibility of information on social networks. This year’s edition of the conference was held on October 6-7 in a hybrid mode (stationary in Olsztyn near Częstochowa and remotely).

The fight against fake news is fought by fact-checking agencies, the purpose of which is to verify information and identify false messages. Due to the high time-consuming nature of the manual content monitoring process, it is not always sufficient to meet the needs resulting from the amount of content generated by Internet users or bots.

The SocialScan tool, developed by the OpenFact project, is used to scan social networking services (such as Twitter) based on user interactions. During the plenary session of the conference, representatives of the OpenFact team conducted a workshop on “Supporting the fact-checking process in combating fake news”. During the presentation, the idea behind the operation of this application was presented and the indicators that facilitate the detection of false information were discussed. Members of the OpenFact project team: Prof. Witold Abramowicz, Prof. Krzysztof Węcel, Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski, Dr. Piotr Stolarski, Dr. Milena Stróżyna, Ewelina Księżniak, Marcin Sawiński.

The organizers of the conference were the Faculty of Management at the Częstochowa University of Technology and the Scientific Society of Business Informatics.

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