Department of Information Systems (DIS) belongs to the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy, which is acknowledged as outstanding by the Accreditation Committee by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The research areas of DIS cover: knowledge representation techniques, information extraction, information retrieval and filtering (with emphasis put on personalization and contextualisation), extraction and integration of data from the deep Web, service orientation as well as profiling and estimation of quality parameters of software.

The Department of Information Systems offers education in widely understood field of business information processing giving students excellent background that they will need to succeed in their professional lives.

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We smartphone customers may have experienced the next state of affairs by some means.

Theoretically, solely in standby mode can an Android phone battery run for 3 days and even much less. However frequent utilization always locations the battery in danger. Typically we even find the facility to be low just some hours after charging. Nonetheless, phone calls and messages hold coming one after the other, wanting so important, and forcing us to get it done.

However what if there isn't any charger or socket round? It's not always a cost field provided once you're strolling. To make things worse, the battery capacity appears to decline time after time. On this case, we do want to pay attention to the significance of battery saving.

I once followed some methods concerning battery saving. These methods, not requiring us to put in any associated software program (for many would dislike sophisticated software program utilization), will be mentioned pretty much as good using habits together with not to place your smartphone past certain temperature-vary, to close down the phone when there is no such thing as a sign, and so on. Anyway, the impact is limited as many battery-killing behaviors are unavoidable.

Someday in the past I turned to a simple-to-use tips hemat baterai android application called Battery Booster. Both the plain interface and simple working made an excellent impression.

We know that battery capacity relies on system specifications. This utility supplies correct information on my battery cost. Getting into the working interface, I've obtained a listing displaying the true-time capability, temperature, voltage, and many others, which helps to advise me to make decisions on settings, boosting my battery.

Then all I need is simply to verify or uncheck the choices fit for specified situations. I convert to the "Battery Tweak" interface, the place I've a number of decisions. With these optional settings, I can flip off WiFi/Bluetooth when device is locked or the battery is low. Additionally, settings to allow beep and select beep for warning a low battery level is adoptable.

Of course that's not sufficient. The originality of Battery Booster lies in two special strategies added. One is Dwelling-display screen Widget Support and the other a Sensible Task Manager. The previous leads me to quick operating with shortcuts to settings cutely proven on residence-screen, because the latter saves more battery by killing idle course of working within the background, both with a view to make the application more handy and effective in comparison with others of this type.

I not too long ago found a new version released on-line, added with a number of options resembling to show battery stage on Notification Bar, totally different security levels assist, Good Battery Saver function optimized and other minor enhancements.